Special Occasions  

One of the joys of our church is the large number of family occasions we are asked to celebrate.  Our understanding is that these are very much part of our Mission and in no sense do we restrict them to church members.
We often have a Service of Blessing for babies and children as part of our morning worship on Sundays.  Usually the family have some connection with us, but even if they don’t we try to offer some on-going friendship and support.
Believer’s Baptism is at the heart of our faith in God and recognition and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord.  We practise baptism by immersion because of the example and teaching of Jesus.  This is an outward expression of our commitment to Jesus Christ. Preparation classes are held prior to a baptismal service.  Those who have been baptised are usually welcomed into membership of the church at the next communion service.
We are pleased to offer the church to celebrate weddings of both church members and non members.  Marriage preparation groups are also offered.
Losing a relative or friend is often one of life’s major turning points.  It’s a real privilege that many families ask us to share this experience of bereavement with them by taking part in the funeral.  Each year we have a Memorial Service to which all our funeral families are invited.
Standard fees for weddings and funerals are charged and details are available on request from our Administrator.

Andrea Dowdie, 28/06/2019