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 The MRBC Good Health Group Lifestyle Programme can help you achieve improved health
HOPE is a new group facilitated by Jennifer Maxwell that will meet Thursdays 1.30 – 3:00pm at MRBC

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7th November
Developing Your Individual Healthy Eating Plan
For Your Personal Health and Wellbeing  
Taking into account different health status, food culture and personal preferences what should be on Your healthy plate?
14th November
Dietary Fats – Is there such a thing as good fats and bad fats?
21st November
Introduction to Meditation and Qi Gong (Chi Gong)
Taster Practice session and Discussion of both topics with external qualified experienced facilitators Christine Cole and Isabel  

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28th November
Should We be Eating Red Meat for Our Health and Does It Matter Where the Meat Comes from?
Talk and discussion about healthy eating, meat and meat production by Anthony Wright, A Wright Family Butcher

Talk preceded by lunch @ 12.30: £3.00 for 2 courses Traditional Jamaican stew peas with rice, followed by apple dessert. Vegetarian option available.
Lunch must be booked in advance with Jennifer for more details call 07485098990 / email  
Lunch served at 12.30. Talk starts at 1.30pm.
5th December
Big Belly, Beer Belly Increases YOUR Health Risks of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Diabetes
Come and find out how simple changes to your diet can help you lose weight and improve your health

Date To Be Confirmed
Worried about Dementia. Alzheimer’s? Getting Forgetful?
Come and find out how these brain conditions develop and what YOU can do to reduce your risk and improve the health of your brain

Jennifer has already run several sessions. Feedback she has received from participants has been very positive

 “I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the course, and the way Jennifer adapted topics covered to the needs of the participants. As a result of the course I made simple changes to my diet, and as a result have lost several pounds in weight and feel much fitter and healthier”
“I was attending the HOPE Group when I became ill with an over active Immune System problem.  There is no treatment for this except to try & control the Immune System & help it to settle back to normal.  This is where Jennifer's expertise was invaluable.  She worked out a special diet, taking into account other health problems & current medication etc.  This was very well presented & easy to follow.  In each of the sections there were choices, extra supplements & explanation of the value & reason for each.  This has now become a permanent change of eating & recognition of where I had previously been going wrong.  I am very grateful for this information, as it is so easy to think you are eating quite well. My thanks to Jennifer & the support of the HOPE Group.”
“About two years ago a gentleman who had suffered from Prostate Cancer came to speak to the Men’s Fellowship group and told us how much he had suffered.  At the end of his talk, he encouraged the men to have their bodies checked to see if they had the illness.  Having heard so much about it I decided to have the check-up (Diabetes).  I spoke with the Practice nurse at my local surgery and duly had some blood tests taken.  The results came back that I was on the border line of having type 2 diabetes.  Since then I have taken a keen interest in the illness, and your lectures that I have attended have been very interesting and informative. I would recommend attending your sessions to anyone.  Thank you for your time and encouragement.”
“I love going to the weekly sessions because the way they organised you have the social aspect where you can talk with other people and share ideas which can be informative and also fun. Not only do you get lots of information within the sessions there are handouts to take away which again are really useful. The biggest impact of coming to the session I would say is trying to make small changes in my lifestyle based on the advice given.”
The sessions are really enjoyable because you get to meet other people and can share information. I have already made changes to my lifestyle based on the sessions and things are going really well”.

Jennifer is a registered Nutritional Therapist and registered nurse.  She will work with you in group and 1-on-1 sessions to inform, educate and demystify health conditions. Working at your pace to help you to discover the underlying cause of your health condition she will support you to use your inner resources and resilience to take small (achievable) steps towards your health goals.
Nutritional therapy is a holistic whole-body systems approach where a nutritional therapist works with clients to improve their health through diet and lifestyle changes (such as better sleep) to support the body to better health outcomes. Nutritional therapy works alongside conventional medicine.

For further information please contact Jennifer
Mobile: 07485098990

Andrea Dowdie, 18/07/2019